We Buy, Sell, & Service Top Barcode Equipment & Brands:
Honeywell, LXE, Datamax, Datalogic, Teklogix, Symbol, Motorola, Intermec, and More
We Buy, Service & Sell New & Refurbished Barcode Scanners & Printers

Top Barcode Scanner Brands And Products!

  • Honeywell
  • Motorola
  • ​Zebra
  • Intermec
  • LXE
  • ​Datalogic
  • Mobile Computers
  • Handhelds
  • ​Vehicle Mounts
  • Accessorie Cables
  • Slot Dock Chargers
  • ​Batteries
  • ​Software

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Not only did I have the opportunity to ask questions regarding my hardware needs. I was able to get the best quote on hardware that cost triple at market price value.

"Just want to thank you guys for your tech services. Our Inventory Management inside our Warehouses are phenomenal. The Return on investment is insane! I always receive my items on time. Thank you AZ Data Collections Solutions" - Steve Owner Of A Production Company

"Superb in house techs! I recommend their products and services to anyone whom may be searching for top barcode Scanner equipment." - Chris Jensen Owner Of Multiple Hardware Chains.

We Offer The Best Service & Quality For the Most Affordable Prices. No Wonder Our Customers Are Dedicated To Us. We Have The Best Turnaround Times On All In House Repairs & Purchases.

Whether You Are A Small Business Or Corporation We Offer HASSEL FREE DROP SHIPMENTS: you can drop-ship directly to our company warehouse:



Our High End Top Barcode Scanner Brands & Products Are Fit For Small & Corporate Business's. There Are Many Different Industries Types; And We Are Fit To Help Any Business Accomplish Their Needs Regards To Barcoding/ Printing. Whether You Have Transportation Services; Or Are A Simple Chain Of Brick & Mortars. We Can Certainly Increase Your Company's Productivity Efficiency. We Help Our Customers By Increasing Their Product Inventory & Cutting Time And Cost! Our Products Are Made For The Most Rugged Environments! & Is Fit To Get The Job Done Inside Or Outside.
  • Transportations Services
  • Food Services
  • Security Services
  • E-commerce/ Business From Home
  • ​Brick & Mortar/Retailer
  • ​School & Government/
  • Healthcare Services
  • Financial Services
  • Airline Services
  • ​Production & Warehouse Services/ More...

Buy, Service & Sell The Best Brands & Hardware In The Barcode Scanner Industry!

Providing The Best Solution To Your Barcode Scanner Problems:

1D CCD/laser and 2D imager barcode scanners. Long Rang Scanners, Industrial Printers, and More....
  • POS Terminals/ Printers
  • Laboratory Automation Equipment
  • ​Self-Service Kiosk
  • ​Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • ​Data Storage Equipment
  • Mobile Data Collection Devices
  • Handheld Computers
  • Mobile Computers
  • Industrial Printers
  • ​RFID
  • ​Barcode Licensing
  • ​UPC Scanners Etc...
Transportation Services
Production & Delivery


LEADING B2B SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION: Below Is A List Of Our Top Services That Help Us Assist Our Clients With Yielding A Great ROI Annually!

  • High Quality Products At A Low Price
  • Fast Turnaround With Delivery
  • In House Repair Service
  • Best In House Techs
  • Thousands Of Products, Accessories
  • ​Affordable Inventory Rentals
  • ​15 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • ​Drop Ship Directly To One Warehouse
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Behind The Doors Of Actually Purchasing Your Barcode Equipment.

Barcode Equipment Can Be Extremely Difficult To Purchased If You Do Not Know The Specifications Needed For Your Company. We Help Companies And Techs All Through The Year With This Step. Purchasing Surplus Equipment. Here at AZ DATA COLLECTION SOLUTIONS Is Simple . We Make Our Clients Feel Extremely Comfortable By Taking The Time And Talking With Them Through The Entire Purchase Process.
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Our Supplier Commitment

We Stand Shoulder To Shoulder With A Diverse Range Of Barcode Scanner Suppliers; Combing a Wide Variety Of Products; In One Of The Worlds Deepest Industry For Barcode Solutions. Our Suppliers Solve Some Of The Most Toughest Problems. They Are Committed To A Providing Unparalleled And Unmatched Service In The Barcode Industry.

Teaming Up With Top Suppliers

By Teaming Up With Top Barcode Companies Around The World; This Has Given Az Data Collection Solutions The Opportunity To Scale Our Outsourcing Network Even More. We Are Able To Provide Even More Solutions While Furthering Our Customer Acquisition.

Our Outsourcing System Help Az Data Collection Solutions Provide A Better Pipeline To Deliver Our Clients Needs At An Exceptional Rate! Here At Az Data Collection Solutions We Are Superb At Delivering The Best Products And Services InA Appropriate Time Frame . We Give Customers What They Need In The Time Fram They Needs It. Our Clients Are Always Return. Here At Az Data Collection Solutions We Have An Entity Of Suppliers. We Pin Point The Best Locations; and Hardware Companies That Are Suited For Your Industry. This Way Our Transparency Stay Valid And You Can Trust That Your Barcode Needs Will Be Fulfilled Or Delivered.

Our Suppliers Connect With AZ Data Collection Solutions, Have Access To Broad Range of Top Brand Products. Az Data Solutions Is The Solutions To All Of Your Barcode Equipment Needs. Whether You Want To Sell Your Legacy; Purchase Barcode Equipment! Az Data Collection Solution Is The Best Company To Choose For Your Barcoding/ Printing Hardware Needs. Shipping Out Thousands A Products A Week. Become Part Of Our Team Today. And Call FOR A FREE QUOTE TODAY
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